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The love of Eugenio Abad's life is art.  He crudely pursued it as a child, playing in the dirt (and other less-benign-things found on the ranch) on long, lazy days after riding black-faced sheep down rolling hills through golden dust and red sunsets.  This was his father’s ranch outside of Cuenca, Ecuador.  Abad desired to pursue his education in Art, but his father didn't allow it.  He had to get a "real" degree, which resulted in Architecture in 1982.

Abad worked as an Architect for a short time after college, but his heart went back to art.  In 1987 Abad had his first one-man show at Larrazabal Art Gallery, Cuenca, Ecuador, where he almost sold out the opening night of the show.  Abad has had consistent shows in Ecuador, and the United States since 1998.  He was also invited to show in Mexico City, Mexico, as one of “Young Cuencan Artists.”

He studied for a brief stint at the Massana School of Art in Barcelona, Spain in 1990-91.  He returned to Ecuador after six months, and officially launched his career in art as an Abstract painter.  In 1991 Abad won the Coloma Silva Award in the Third International Biennial of Painting, Cuenca, Ecuador.

During this time, Abad painted with acrylic over canvas, wood and gold leaf.  His style evolved from abstract to figurative with an abstract flair.  Abad's personal life went through many turns during this period and his spiritual pursuit intensified leading him to Yelm, Washington, where he met his wife.

"Master on the Journey" series takes Abad to a new medium, digital art.  This work started with an original painting over gold leaf.  He photographed it, then started working with it on the computer to make it match what he was seeing in his mind, what his paintbrush was unable to express with the same speed as the computer.  The outcome is this prolific group of images continuing to unfold; surely more to come.

Abad paints much of what is on his mind, what he's contemplating, what he's experiencing and what he desires to experience.  He started out creating this series to inspire him.  Friends and colleagues were so taken with it, they encouraged (demanded!) that he bring it public.  If Abad's work inspires the viewers to look within themselves, or to bring them to greater thoughts and contemplation, so be it.

This work is a personal love affair that must come out.  Much as a climber climbs a mountain "because its there."  This work is dedicated to the beauty and greatness within us all.



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